A poem: OK?

I'm OK. YOUR OKAY. It's not enough to be OK. If you want to give OK. You have to learn to live OK. It's hard to text in phone OK. If you must shift twice OK. But if autocorrect Ok's. It's much easier to be OK.

My kid’s school has forgotten to teach a love of reading

Tonight my 8-year-old begged me to read the next chapter of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. While reading, he blurted, "MOUNTAINOUS! What does that mean?" before I had even reached that part. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect he actually likes reading. But I know better. My son hates reading. It is no wonder … Continue reading My kid’s school has forgotten to teach a love of reading

There is human vomit on the moon

Pack in what you pack out apparently does not apply to astronauts. While it may seem irresponsible of humanity to leave our junk on extraterrestrial landscapes, it is rather costly to bring it all back. Every pound of stuff we bring back requires that much more fuel. We need more fuel to carry that fuel. … Continue reading There is human vomit on the moon

Gender is taught, but also is not.

Gender is something people become aware of at an early age.  As soon as children can form complex ideas about the world, they begin to assign themselves and others a gender, and these ideas are frequently not congruent with the expectations many others have.  Like all things biological, gender is messy. For the sake of … Continue reading Gender is taught, but also is not.

What came first? The chicken or the id?

In my unconscious mindwhat will I find?A depth of perception?A constant reflection?Or something far more benign?Below a thought's surfacewill I find a purpose?(How different are my thoughts that those of a porpoise?)Deep in my innerswill I find a child?or something more freewheeling, randomized, wild? During medical school, aside from being taught that Sigmund Freud's theories … Continue reading What came first? The chicken or the id?

No one actually knows what you are saying.

When we are speaking to others, what they understand is only partially influenced by our intended meaning.  A large part of receiving information is subject to one's emotional state, attention to the details of our speech, current thoughts, ability to understand our words, and especially what the receiver expects us to be saying.

By the numbers: when you should NOT do the experiment.

Doing scientific research on medical treatments helps us to know whether or not they work. That seems obvious, but there are times when a scientist may not want to test whether or not something works. Let me explain. It may seem obvious that we should not conduct medical experiments on treatments like castration for depression. … Continue reading By the numbers: when you should NOT do the experiment.

What does GMO-free mean?

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are often perceived something like "Grossly Monstrous & Odious." What are they anyway? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Strict definitions of GMOs usually refer to transgenic organisms: those that have had a gene from other species inserted into them. The techno name for changing DNA is mutagenesis, but transgenic mutagenesis not … Continue reading What does GMO-free mean?