Social distance: it ain’t all suffering

Raymund used to think Gina, his stay at home partner, was a whiner for complaining about how hard it was to take care of their two kids and keep up with the housework. After 4 weeks working at home, he is ready to hire Gina an assistant once this thing blows over. Sasha has never … Continue reading Social distance: it ain’t all suffering

I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!

The belief of a young child is limitless.  Every new thought has a power greater than an adult can possibly experience.  There is little current of expectation to wash it away.  It is concentrated, potent imagination.  So potent that if you can read this you are likely unable to reproduce such a great imagination without … Continue reading I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!

Slaughter house rules

The thin slime of dissolved animal flesh that coated every surface of grandpa's slaughterhouse was occasionally thick enough to skate on in boots. Working for grandpa was often grueling and always fascinating. Grandpa as young man starting career peddling flesh. There are few experiences as satisfying as pressure washing brains out of the foramina magna … Continue reading Slaughter house rules

The one-eyed psychoanalyst

"In the land of the blind," it's said, "the one-eyed man is king."  Psychoanalysts have a long history of trying to convince people that they are blind and they need a one-eyed king to see into the depths of their unconscious.  They probe patients for clues into the depraved condition of their upbringing.  They interpreted … Continue reading The one-eyed psychoanalyst

From Dad to Dr. Dad of an ADHD kid

My son has a particularly obvious, hyperactive, and impulsive form of ADHD. His symptoms were so severe that many of his caregivers politely informed us that they thought he was autistic. He is not, but at times, he certainly can test the limits of our diagnostic categories. This April 2020, I transitioned from a father … Continue reading From Dad to Dr. Dad of an ADHD kid

The depressed brain justifies itself

When a depressed mind surveys its life, it sees merely a snippet of life and fills in the blanks with hopeless, guilty diatribes on why life has brought it to this point. But how does it commit such villainy? The brain makes sense of the world. It gathers a little bit of information and integrates … Continue reading The depressed brain justifies itself

When grandma can go f*** herself

Every time I hear another story of a kind elderly lady sending her life savings to that desperate father who just needs to keep the heat on in his imaginary shanty and buy diapers for his non-existent children, I conjure the image of stuffing him in my trunk, pulling his bound body out in front … Continue reading When grandma can go f*** herself