Gender is taught, but also is not.

Gender is something people become aware of at an early age.  As soon as children can form complex ideas about the world, they begin to assign themselves and others a gender, and these ideas are frequently not congruent with the expectations many others have.  Like all things biological, gender is messy. For the sake of … Continue reading Gender is taught, but also is not.

What came first? The chicken or the id?

In my unconscious mind what will I find? A depth of perception? A constant reflection? Or something far more benign? Below a thought's surface will I find a purpose? (How different are my thoughts from those of a porpoise?) Deep in my inners will I find a child? or something more freewheeling, randomized, wild? During … Continue reading What came first? The chicken or the id?

No one actually knows what you are saying.

When we are speaking to others, what they understand is only partially influenced by our intended meaning.  A large part of receiving information is subject to one's emotional state, attention to the details of our speech, current thoughts, ability to understand our words, and especially what the receiver expects us to be saying.

Let them eat imaginary cake

Business, politics, entertainment, art, education, and even frying eggs seems to require a constant connection to the digital world.  Now with COVID-19 amplifying this perceived need of digital connectedness into a necessity, I wonder how the digital recovery will play out. My 7-year-old who already knows how to fry eggs, impulsively asked our Google Home … Continue reading Let them eat imaginary cake